Wedding Registry Options

8.20.2009 | |

The Wedding Registry was established in 1924 at Marshall Field's as a means for engaged couples to indicate their chosen China patterns to wedding guests. Today the act of creating a wedding registry, registering, has become a much more involved process and can result in unnecessary stress for the bride and groom. Choosing to register, in and of itself, can be a complicated decision to make. In today's post, I will offer some opinions, tips and how-tos on the process of Modern Registering.

To Register or Not To Register

Are you having a hard time deciding whether or not to register for your wedding?

Numerous brides and grooms find themselves in the same boat. Some couples already have an established home and do not need new table settings and the like. Some find themselves anxious at the thought of a list of gifts just for them. But Registering is not limited, nor is it gauche. Think of your registry as a tool for your guests rather than a wish-list. Most wedding invitees automatically look for the couple's registry. With a registry, they are ensured that you will like the gift and with the option of purchasing your gift online with automatic delivery to your home it saves them time and stress. So, help your guests out. Give them some guidance by creating a registry, even if it is a small one.

Unorthodox Registries

I'm sure you already know that you can go to Macy's or Target or even Tiffany's if you so choose. But there are plenty of other options out there for you and your guests. Here are a few below:

  • Charity Registries - There are websites that allow you to set up donations in your names to your favorite charity. The Wedding Center @ makes setting up such a registry simple. If you're biting your nails over receiving gifts, allow someone else to receive your guests benevolence. There is a $5 service fee for your guests to use Just Give, but you can also call your favorite charity and set a "registry" up for free.

  • Honeymoon Registries - Sometimes heading out of town for a honeymoon after spending thousands of dollars on your wedding can be a serious stressor on your financial portfolio. With Honeymoon registries, you can ease that stress. Sites such as, allow you to list options for your guests to contribute to your honeymoon costs. Almost every aspect of your honeymoon, from airfare to deep sea diving to couple's massages can be included in your registry. This is also a great option if you're tempted to tell people to "just give us cash."

  • Hodge Podge Registries - Maybe you want a 60" flat screen tv, a Wii and a classic White Tiffany's setting. Go to and you can put it all together. Sites such as this allow you and your groom or bride to throw orthodox convention to the side and put whatever you'd like on your registry. Your college roommates might have more getting together and buying the Johnnie Walker Collection, while your Granny will shed tears presenting you with the Crock Pot you'll use only at New Years for Black-Eyed Peas.

Keep It Light & Varied

Whatever you do, Registering should be fun and not stressful. You and your S/O should take a couple of Saturday afternoons and go to your favorite stores, whether it be Best Buy, Footlocker or Neiman's and make some lists or curl up on the couch and research various charities. It'll be a fun, bonding activity and you won't have to get stressed out at the price tag. Just remember to make your list versatile in prices, so that everyone from your cousin starting their freshman year at NYU to your rich uncle can pick out something they know you'll appreciate. Your registry, like everything else in your wedding, should reflect you and your mate's personalities and interests.