Townhome Renovations

8.21.2009 | |

I just moved home to Memphis about three weeks ago. My mom and I are remodeling my two-bedroom townhouse and I must say it has been fun. Last night, I spent the evening ripping the seams out of pillows and curtains so that we could reupholster the pillows and move the pocket on the curtain. It's not a bad place. It's just old and cream colored. I'm excited for the finished product. The office is my special project. Since, I will be working from home, I wanted a place I could spend the day in and not feel cooped up, bored or unproductive. I took a lot of inspiration for the office from the now folded "O at Home" magazine's Color Issue. It will have dark base with punches of color. Fun and modern is the look I'm going for in there.

Here's what we're doing in the townhome:

There's no central AC in here. So, Mr. Chris is replacing all the light fixtures with Ceiling fans. That way I can get some cool air circulating in the apartment besides just the air from the units.

Ignore the lopsided blind. This one is getting replaced. My mom is sewing curtains to go on all 4 windows. We've got about a 3 inch pocket at the top and the curtains are hemmed to brush the floor. I found some gorgeous curtain rods at Big Lots, which I turned my nose up at when my mom first suggested we go there. I am officially a Big Lots convert though. I even bought hand soap refill there. J

My dad inherited this beautiful deep mahogany table set from my Uncle James. We are reupholstering the chairs in a soft yellow with multicolored polka dots fabric. I love the fabric. It also inspired the fabric choice for the pillows on my couch that we made below. We took the old pillows and tore them apart. Used the soft brown microfiber backing and added the teal velvet.



We still have more to complete including painting my dresser, adding some flair to the bathroom and of course my office! I'll post the final project when we've finished everything. I'd love to hear everyone's ideas, please share!


Shawn Smith said...

Hey, how's life been back home?