8.17.2009 | |

As you can tell from my blogroll, I am an avid design, wedding, diy, photo blog reader.
For awhile now, I've said that I would start my own blog to share all the wonderful things I run across on the internet, but it wasn't untill I saw my fellow SMS alum - MK Millner's - blog Almost Famous, that I decided, now better than never.

So here we are. For now, Tami Sawyer is the name of the blog. It might change.


mary-kathryn said...

oh, what a compliment! i'm adding you to my blogroll... can't wait to see what you have to say! ( and yes, paint those cabinets!)

lexie johnston said...

yes paint those cabinets! we never got around to doing it!
and big trouble for you for not telling me you are blogging now! love it!

Lauren said...

Ditto on the Jasmine Star comment. I think she has official moved to my number 1 spot over Joe Buissink. I thought no one would ever take his place. I'm working Jasmine into my budget, even if it means moving my entire wedding to the OC lol.

And kudos Tam for taking the plunge and doing it!!