Vendor Highlight: Andrew Thomas Clifton Photography

2.19.2010 | |

Chicago photographer, Andrew Thomas Clifton, brings an air of sophistication and elegance to every photoshoot. He captures moments both big and small with exact detail, reminding the couple of the things that may have slipped away from them as their special day went along.

In my opinion, Andrew totally gets it. His art expresses the romance of weddings. The softness of his photographs reminds us what these days that we work so hard to bring together are all about.

It doesn't hurt that he's extremely personable, funny and easy to work with, not to mention a consummate professional. Any bride and groom would be privileged to have him as their photographer.

All photographs on this page are courtesy of Andrew Thomas Clifton Photography. You can see more at his webpage:


iam2ndLetter said...

That is some great photography.