A Tale of Two Tuxes...

2.17.2010 | |

My friend Dante sent me a message today regarding the tuxes for his wedding. He said, "Being a stylish guy, I dont want to blend in with the groomsmen. What do you think about a gray tux for me and black for my groomsmen."

I'm all for personalization of your wedding. Individuality is the new trend in groomswear. I've seen a lot of variation between the grooms outfit and the groomsmen, but I wasnt sure. My brother wore a white tuxedo to his wedding and his groomsmen wore black ones. But black and white are pretty standard. So I went on a google hunt to see what I could find. Suprisingly, I found a lot of pictures showing the groom in a different color than his groomsmen and below are my three favorites.

1) This is similar to what Dante described. However, the groomsmen alternate gray and black suits instead of all black. I really like the look and this led me to give Dante the thumbs up on his proposal.

Picture Courtesy of Wedding Bee

2) I Love this look. It's so funky. The turquoise corduroy jacket really pops against those navy vests.
Picture courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes

3) The 2nd picture in this set. Once again, the contrast of the darker blue against the gray is really appealing to me. I would have never thought of a gray and black combo, but I like it. Thx Dante! (Funny Sidenote: When I showed Dante this picture he said: Let me tell u what aint gonna happen and thats my groomsmen wearing khakis and a blazer.)

Picture courtesy of Style Me Pretty