Notebook Excerpts...

2.28.2010 | |

My college roommate Jen is in the beginning stages of planning her fall wedding. She likes the color of topaz (her birthstone) for one of her wedding colors. When she told me that, I said it would look great with grey. She mentioned purple. Shes having 2 bridesmaids and so I thought it'd be a good look to put them in different color and style dresses. I browsed around to see what I could find and came up with the dresses below in the colors we talked about. They're all from J. Crew Weddings.

If Jen goes with this look and color scheme, I would definitely recommend this gray Calvin Klein tuxedo for the groom and his groomsmen, which is also the tux of Dante.


JenJubilee said...

WoW Tam I'm speechless sooo glad to have you on my team....I loveeeeee the colors and styles of the dresses esp the gray and purple....hope to convince Rell to get a suit like that cuz he had mentioned wanting a black tux with a olive green vest but this is hot too!!!!!