Hot Stuff 2.21.10...

2.21.2010 | |

It's rare I blog twice in one day, but I wanted to share two websites with everyone that I will definitely use a lot and will probably become favorites of engaged couples very quickly.

Wedding JoJo:

There are a lot of wedding website builders available, but Wedding JoJo is my favorite of them all. Wedding JoJo has an array of styles and customizations available to allow for a unique website for each couple. The Mist theme pictured above is my top choice of all the themes as it has a very clean and modern look. You can use Wedding JoJo for free or you can pay $14.99/mo for extras such as unlimited photo storage, custom domain and unlimited support from the Wedding JoJo team.


Do you want perfect cupcakes at your event? Ticings will do the trick. Ticings supplies "decorative edible sheets of icing that quickly add modern design" to your baked goods. The designs Ticings offers vary from cute to chic. You can even supply your own graphic for a customized Ticing. Prices vary. They seem to start around $8 for a dozen and go as high as $20 for a cake layer wrap.